Community led eco housing.

My name is Anna and I am a Community Organiser working in Manchester. Over a year ago I set up community centre and Polish library at Welcome Centre in Cheetham Hill in North Manchester. Since 2012 as part of my role I have been listening to people in the community. I listened about people’s ideas, dreams and plans for the future-  I motivated them to take actions with other like minded people and make a positive change in their lives and lives of their communities. At Welcome Centre we have fantastic opportunities to meet up, listen to each other, share our experiences and take actions towards common good.

This is the story of HayHabitat.

 Joanna came up with the idea of community led eco housing and started discussing it with her friends, family members and neighbors. After several informal sessions and discussions it became obvious that there is a common need and demand for affordable and sustainable community led housing. I decided to bring all those people together and move them to take some actions. We started meetings with other community members and deepened our knowledge on community led, ecological housing. We found out about similar projects around the country. Our project has became less of a dream and more like a big piece of hard work. And the group eventually agreed on the name! Hay Habitat it is! We still need to decide on legal structure and incorporate.


Joanna during Community Organisers training in Yarnfield.


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