Straw bale house construction drawings

Many thanks to our volunteer Konrad Koltun, an architect who worked hard on preparing drawings for our project.   Those drawings are being used  as part of the business proposal to Manchester City Council to identify a suitable site for the potential Community Asset transfer to Hay Habitat for purpose of creating open and diverse... Continue Reading →

Straw bale workshops at Open Culture Project

In June 2016 Open Culture Project invited Barbara from Straw Works  to provide 2 days straw and natural building course to users and local community of Welcome Centre in Manchester.  Barbara provided theoretical and practical course for local community of Cheetham Hill (and beyond) raising awareness of ecological importance and practical benefits of low carbon footprint building materials and sustainable living. The aim of... Continue Reading →

Meeting at town hall.

On 28th of June 2017 Open Culture Project met with Manchester City council's officers and Residential Growth Board's representative to discuss our business plan, we submitted earlier. Part of the purpose of this Business Plan is a proposal to Manchester City Council, in order to identify a suitable site for the potential Community Asset Transfer to... Continue Reading →

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