Meeting at town hall.

On 28th of June 2017 Open Culture Project met with Manchester City council’s officers and Residential Growth Board’s representative to discuss our business plan, we submitted earlier. Part of the purpose of this Business Plan is a proposal to Manchester City Council, in order to identify a suitable site for the potential Community Asset Transfer to the Hay Habitat Group,

for the purposes of creating a mixed tenure and culturally open & diverse community of 10-15 dwellings and community facility, and an ongoing social enterprise seeking to engage and support cohesion and social benefits within the community, and to promote“Low Impact”  living and sustainable development.

We want to create a small community of sustainable homes, centered on a community hub, which will provide services and support to the whole, wider community in which we will be a part.

  • Key findings and next steps:
    – Business Plan to be updated (as advised by Council Officials).  The group will do it with Jimm.
    – Updated Business Plan will be presented to the Panel.
    –  Panel`s opinion of the project.

-Also as Zoe and Jim suggested we will work on publicity and contact the environmental service`s officials and local councilors to gain their support. We need to produce short and visual brochure to introduce ourselves.
– Zoe suggested workshops with her in mapping our skills. This would be probably 2 sessions.
-We will apply for further funding to continue with the project.

*Anna Jarawka, Karolina Gad, Open Culture Project and Hay Habitat

Zoe from locality and Jimm Reed (COHO) coho-ltd.

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