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18-32 Brentfield Avenue
M8 0TW

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Anna Jarawka

  • Community Organiser, Co-Founder and leader of Hay Habitat
  • Email:
  • Mob. 07342630494

Elzbieta Wiecek

  • Director
  • Project Leader for Mother and Toddler Club, Library Manager
  • Mob. ​07858896188

Marcin Karpuk

  • director, member of Hay Habitat

Karolina Gad

  • Communications Manager
  • Project Leader for Art and Craft Workshops
  • Email:
  • Mob. 07402141146

Bozena Czerwinska 

  • Volunteer
  • Dance and Yoga classes, Counselling and Personal Development Workshops
  • Email:
  • Mob. 07999506274



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